Programmatic ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. The scenario of programmatic advertising seems very complicated. According to Birger Bardowicks and Oliver Busch, programmatic advertising describes the automated serving of digital ads in real time based on individual ad impression opportunities.

Programmatic advertising is built on a digital platform or exchange where automated buying and selling of ad inventories across mobile, desktop, search, display and video allow the demand side (advertisers) and supply side (publishers) to transact in real-time. Put simply, it’s a style of advertising that cuts out the middle man. So instead of liaising and negotiating with people, it’s all done via machines – or a demand-side platform (DSP) to be precise. It sounds very technical, but a DSP allows you to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts with one platform. Programmatic Advertising is the new digital form of globalization.

With programmatic advertising, digital ad buying is faster, more efficient, and less expensive. Also, advertisers now have more granularity into their advertising campaigns by paying for impressions individually and using a dashboard to strategically manage and target their ad campaigns automated method of buying digital advertising. Whereas with traditional advertising, digital advertising used to be bought and sold manually. Ad networks bought ad impressions ahead of time from a lot of different sites and apps and repackaged them to be sold to advertisers with no transparency. This process involved salespeople, RFPs, and a whole bunch of human error. This process was inefficient and unreliable.

The benefits of programmatic advertising are increasingly relevant in today’s content-saturated digital world. Marketers need their ads to be targeted, personalized and engaging whenever and however they’re reaching out to consumers; and although a great deal of this targeting takes place via the online tools we have at our fingertips, programmatic advertising takes it to another level.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising are as follows:

1)Programmatic Advertising is Simple, Efficient, Quick, Optimized and Personalized.

2)Programmatic Advertising Offers Real-Time Data and Insights.

3)Programmatic Advertising Optimizes Ad Budget.

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