What New Technology Can Do For Your Business

The talk about artificial intelligence over the last few years has been the rage and has almost all scientists and science aficionados talking about it. It revolves around how it’s going to overwhelmingly, make our lives easier, make learning and problem solving much less complicated, and can even replicate the human voice. It is even being used in the place of doctors, as robots can maneuver easily where doctors have to struggle. In business life it can reduce the workload and make people have adopted the adage: “work smarter, not harder”.

Let us begin to talk about how it is being used to affect great change in today’s society. Automation, the process by which a machine does the work of a human, has been used to great success.  A study by Russel and Norvig in 2009 cite other well-known examples that have been used very effectively which include “drones, self-driving cars, mathematical theorems, virtual games (where virtual reality comes into place), search engines, online assistance, image recognition in photographs, spam filtering and targeted online advertisements.”  According to a study by the Economist in 2016, social media, being the monolith that it is, has helped TV and news stations post stories quicker than ever before. It is also mentioned in a study in BBC TV 2016.

As I mentioned before, a real breakthrough that has recently taken place, is the aide and assistance that the healthcare industry has received by doctors using artificial intelligence in the form of robots. “According to a Bloomberg technology study in 2016, Microsoft developed AI to help doctors find the right treatments for cancer.” Because there are over 800 medicines and vaccines to treat cancer, doctors have an arduous time recording and memorizing all of the data. Microsoft has created a machine whereby the best combinations of medicines listed in the responsa will be tailored for each patient.

In the world of business, in a simulated test, reported by BBC TV 2001, robots beat human beings in a financial trading competition. According to a study done by Financial Services Roundtable in 2015, banks also have used AI to reduce fraud and theft, by recognizing any unusual, or abnormal changes in people’s spending.

Two more examples where AI has proved indispensible, have been in the use of video games, (as mentioned), which delight the masses by its breadth of capabilities. The Economist 2018 and Siemens.com 2018 both reported that this was also found in the military, where spending on robotics increased in the billions in just the year 2015.The magazine ‘Wired’ brings down the following quote: “Vladimir Putin stated that whoever becomes the leader in AI, will become the ruler of the world.”  This is also quoted by CNBC 2017.

Additionally, Artificial Intelligence has been especially useful in advertising and the digital media arena. There are a plethora of uses that marketers have found AI to be beneficial in their business efforts.

On the cutting edge of technology (according to a Hipmunk newsletter) are ‘chatbots’. A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users. Some of the uses of chatbots,: they save time and money by automating conversations that a worker would have to get paid to do, and over a faster expanse of time; and garners leads and generates revenue by gathering information that is beneficial to provide for support for customers. (i.e. the reason for visiting a company’s webpage). Because customers don’t always know where to find the right information, using chatbots can aid in dealing with the fatigue that goes with answering the same questions by operators multiple times, such as: where are you located?, what department is this in?, etc. An example of using the chatbot to great effect is an airline company and its multitude of options and scenarios of buying tickets, choosing a destination, flight arrival and departure information etc. Chatbots can also operate after hours, therefore, eliminating the need for people to work in companies that operate 24 hours a day.

Rsquare Media is on the forefront of all these innovations. We are a digital marketing organization par excellence; making ready and able use of AI. One such area that we implement is AI-enhanced PPC advertising. We are able to analyze hundreds of statistics or data points about a single user, such as, location, demographics, device –making each visit more personal to the user. (According to the 2017 real-time personalization survey done by the Evergage Company, 63% of those questioned mentioned increase conversion rates and improved customer experiences.)

Rsquare Media also takes full advantage of the potential of AI to improve the work of content creators by making them more efficient producers of information. By the way, each AI -based text is authored just like a human would with a keystroke on the keyboard. It can also make each piece of content dynamic and tailored for a specific brand or format.

We are a full service digital media agency using SEO as our main focus.

We also assist in companies that have, for whatever reason, acquired bad publicity for their handling of business or personal decisions. We call since online reputation management. We counsel companies not to ignore negative reviews, but to engage the sometimes irate individual(s) and convince them that the company values their opinion and will make the appropriate changes. This will likely, encourage them to remain faithful customers of the company.

Rsquare media was the 2017 Minority Business of the Year WINNER, and, the Only Results Oriented company who operates with the highest level of Integrity and professionalism. Call 646-249-3561 to find out how we can increase your sales and your online visibility.



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