The Key To Local SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a crucial piece to a business puzzle in being discovered online. Naturally a business wants to be seen & appear at the top of Google’s results. Through the methods of SEO, people should be able to find your site easier. However there’s a difference when it comes to Local SEO.

       Local SEO is just as crucial but it’s serviced to a much smaller crowd. Small businesses in the neighborhood are looking for local customers. First off, establish your NAP or name, address, & phone number. Having this information included on external websites could benefit your website. Each time your site is mentioned, there’s more of a chance to be seen. Second, word of mouth marketing and reviews from various sites are also crucial. The trick is to acknowledge the reviews & learn from them which gives off a good impression towards customer service. “Thanking customers for their patronage or apologizing publicly for a bad experience are great ways to show that you care about your customers and want them to be satisfied.” As stated in Tamar Weinberg’s 6 Keys To Getting Local SEO Started On The Right Foot. ( [As seen on 8/4/16] Finally, having a mobile-friendly site is imperative. Most searches are done on smartphones. Making sure your site is easy to access on mobile phones can increase the traffic & the sales as well. This is due to the many people who shop online & can’t come in person.

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The Secret Guide To Video & SEO

When it comes to creating content, videos are typically a key component to the equation. For the purpose of SEO, they’re a great way to garner traffic for your site. Videos, however, are considered an afterthought & not utilized as much as you’d think. In reality, creating video content is recommended as it can reach a much wider audience. If used well, they can convey powerful messages & contribute to assisting your business in a big way.

          As mentioned earlier, some businesses view videos as an afterthought. When making videos or putting a visual together it’s all about the spectacle & showcasing said business in bright colors. However one of the most important parts to this puzzle is clearly defining your goals from the jump. Once that’s accomplished, the objective is to build interest & generate buzz for the video. The way to do that is by sharing the video over social media & encouraging people to take a peek all while promoting your brand. Keywords are also key especially when videos are being searched for on sites such as YouTube. It allows your video to be discovered a lot quicker & easier.

At the end of the day videos can generate just as much, if not more attention to your business & products in question. They can be interactive, fun & have a lot of emotion which could equal to more traffic.

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Using Social Media To Build Professional Skills

Social media can be used to build professional skills. It’s not just for entertainment & when you think about, getting in touch with all things social media can benefit you. Attaining professional skills through methods of social media are needed in a world where the internet is frequently used.

          One of the ways social media can help you is simply being a good listener. “The best social media pros listen the most actively and most aggressively” taken from 6 Skills You Need To Be A Social Media Professional by Jay Baer [] (seen on 8/9/16) Another way social media can help you are the different types of writing you learn about. Through news articles, blogs, etc you begin to grasp different styles of writing that can be used outside of social media. Then there’s relationship building. They say it’s easier to build a relationship on the internet and nowadays that’s very true. However these methods of creating new relationships can be utilized for actual jobs.  It all starts with introducing yourself and being confident in your skills while showcasing how open you are to starting new relationships amongst your co-workers. These are just a few simple ways to help build professional skills with the assistance of social media.

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Why Do Celebrities Love Instagram/Instagram Stories?

Since its release in 2010, Instagram has become a huge success. The social media app garnered millions of users who now use it daily, especially celebrities. As a matter of fact, celebrities have become fixated on the use of instagram. Why is that?

          In truth, celebrities go about social media as a way to spread the word about who they are & make themselves known to the public. So naturally instagram is just another way of doing that. For some it’s about posting pictures of their everyday life while others use it to tease future projects or send out meaningful messages. The most followed on instagram happen to be celebrities just by their recognition & popularity alone. Celebs such as Taylor Swift, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ariana Grande, and many others have thrived on instagram through posting funny videos, risqué pictures & an inside look into their real life. Now there’s a new feature known as “Instagram Stories” which takes a page from Snapchat, another popular app. “The feature allows users to post images with text and drawings scribbled over them, all set to disappear in 24 hours” taken from Why Do Celebrities Love Instagram Stories? By Kate Knibbs [] (seen on 8/10/16) Some say the idea was stolen from Snapchat but in reality they’re just similar. The new feature adds on to the already established popularity instagram has managed to attain. Celebrities have already started using the feature & has since become the norm since it’s debut.

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YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube is known as the second biggest search engine. Naturally it serves as a great place for the purpose of SEO. Videos can go viral on any given day thanks to something funny, emotional or impactful along with being shared through social media. YouTube is a good place to promote products & businesses because of this.

One of the best ways to further your video’s chances of making an impact is through video keywords. These keywords will help whenever someone types them in the search bar. They’re typically words that you’d usually see in many titles. Not only that, these words can be found through the tags posted beneath the video as well. Because of this your videos are more likely to appear on the first page.

Staying in consistent in posting videos is also crucial. Similar to a blog post or status updates on social media, posting new videos on a set schedule can help keep interest in said product or business. YouTube has a great feature that allows you to schedule videos in advance. The quality of the video is also crucial but it shouldn’t cost you a leg & knee to make one. Keeping the quality & consistency of uploading content intact are very important at the end of the day.

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How Social Media Will Define the Olympics’ Success

The 2016 Olympics in Rio have been talked about long before the actual games began. Sadly it’s been for all the wrong reasons. Social media tends to gravitate to this type of negative news. The Olympics have already been under fire due in part to Brazil’s many issues appearing in the news, leaving many wondering if they were going to get cancelled.

          While the Olympics obviously continued (as of this post) the issues stemming from Brazil still raged on. Some of the issues included political instability, doping scandal, safety issues & the zika virus. It’s because of this that the Rio Olympics has received the worst kind of mainstream news despite it’s best efforts. In the past the Olympics would typically trend due to mistakes on NBC’s part. Technical difficulties, pre-tapings of certain events, etc have led to people criticizing NBC on social media. “An international group of Twitter users gathered around the #NBCFail hashtag to point out the network’s gaffes, to figure out how to watch the coverage live and for free and to piece together what was not shown” according to How Social Media Will Define the Olympics’ Success by Katerina Girginova [] (seen on 8/9/16) Despite this it’s also shown that people are still talking about the Olympics regardless of the conflicts affecting the games & the very location where they’re being held.

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Businesses need Social Media to Win the customer’s interest and loyalty


Many people use social media every day – sometimes every 5 minutes. It’s commonly used without even knowing it. These days it’s through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & even YouTube. People are finding ways to communicate and connect with others across the internet. Businesses must keep pace with consumer usage trends in order to continue to stay relevant. Gone are the days when making a website fulfilled the requirement of a online visibility. Aided by social media, a business is more likely to be seen whether it be through search results or just word of mouth.

Facebook is a great place to connect as it allows you to create your own page & post content relating to your business. You can also schedule posts and keep customers up to date. YouTube – the #2 search engine after Google (one of the Most visited sites in the US) is another way to stay on top of things. Videos go viral all the time so imagine if a business’ video caught the eye of millions. It’s a great platform to create informative & impactful videos that can benefit a business. Businesses can utilize social media to further themselves but also have it be a part of their everyday marketing strategy. In conclusion social media is a very useful & necessary tool in business today.

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RSquare Media is a strategy focused company. Starting with the client’s goals and adding creative strategy to it, an explosive business plan is made that will blow away the competition. RSquare Media keeps its clients well informed and well taken care of with their unique style of customer service.

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Virtual Reality (Immersive experience for customers)

Over the years the ever-changing realm of technology has taken the world by storm and virtual reality is known to be one of them. As stated by Arkenea it is a glimpse into the future or where people are cut off from the real world, opting instead to spend their time in VR or what you would imagine the future to be and it is truly fascinating. This invention will increase the marketplace if produced properly. Virtual reality, according to Wikipedia, is a genuine and immersive reproduction of a three-dimensional environment. It is generated using interactive software and hardware, and is controlled by movement of the body over a computer. A person using VR is typically able to look around and interact with the artificial world with either a screen or goggles. Over the years the technology VR uses gets more advanced and significantly started looking even more realistic.
A very interesting Ocean Descent VR Google Cardboard Video 3D SBS Virtual Reality Video:

If we focus more strictly on the scope of virtual reality as a means of creating the illusion that we are present somewhere we are not, then the earliest attempt at virtual reality is surely the 360-degree murals (or panoramic paintings) from the nineteenth century. They used holographic recordings to portray real life experiences including smell and touch. This technology was fascinating from the very beginning. This was now being used in video games, training and education, media, therapy, architectural designs and many more. According to TechRepublic, Ford Motor Company currently uses Virtual Reality in its Immersion Lab to help get a sense of how customers experience their cars.


Virtual reality has multiple applications for healthcare. One use, is the use of VR in therapy. For example, psychiatrists at the University of Louisville use VR in cognitive behavior therapy to treat patients with social anxieties or phobias of things like flying, public speaking, or heights. The controlled environment allows doctors to expose their patients to simulations and direct them on how to cope with how they’re feeling.

images (1)

It has sky rocketed the marketplace and it’s so beneficial to the business place because it is a very cost effective way of developing a product and/or service. Business places can use it for an immersive experience for a customer to test drive a new product and use feedback to improve.
With new technologies such as 360 videos and other innovative advancements, it is hard for companies to remain on the modern frontier of brand promotion. Thus, many are turning to creative marketing companies to ensure effective brand promotion in today’s age. Rsquare Media is a Creative Content and Design company which forms customized media marketing strategies, creates original content, and helps businesses stay ahead of their competition through following innovative marketing trends. On the forefront of modern advertising technology, Rsquare Media is the first step in ensuring that target audiences are given the complete immersive experience.Rsquare Media can assist you with making Webpage design, YouTube Commercial Production, Infomercials, Video Production, Graphic Design and Printing Services, Screen Printing and Embroidery Services, Indoor and Outdoor Signage Design & Fabrication. Call (646) 249-3561 or email for a Free Quote and Free Consultation. Se Habla Español. Consulta Gratis. We’re open Monday-Sunday – 10am-7pm EST. Our headquarters are 626 RXR Plaza, Uniondale New York 11556 (opposite Nassau Colleseum and near Hofstra University).


maxresdefault360 degree video changes the game when it comes to how we record and view videos now. The 360 degree video, also known as immersive or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras (“360-degree video,” n.d.). This allows its viewers to feel like they are in the middle of the scene of wherever the video is being taken.

Take a look at the great white sharks 360 video

The 360 degree video has been implemented into various things such as Virtual Reality, Snapchat and Facebook. Virtual Reality uses the 360 degree by pre-recording certain scenes or experiences, then adding sensations and sounds allowing its user to feel like they are actual in that scene. Snapchat utilizes the 360 degree video within its filters. When using Snapchat, some of the filters allow you to turn to the rear facing camera and you see different things when you turn your phone5 upward, downward, and to the sides.

Social media, such as Facebook, has also allowed this technology advancement to benefit its business. Facebook 360 is a new addition on Facebook, which allows Facebook users to upload 360 videos and for their friends to basically experience places from all around the world simply using the Internet.

The future for businesses do seem bright with this advancement. For example, event promoters do have a chance of recording 360 videos at concerts and selling it to individuals who did not get to attend the event; helping them get the actual experience.

Rsquare Media is a company that is familiar with 360 degree video and would love to help implement it into your business. According to an article posted on, 360 video implementation earned Columbia’s Youtube channel a lot more views than the standard advertisement. Rsquare Media Change Agents can meet with at your Business in Freeport, Merrick, Baldwin, Rockville Center, Hempstead, Uniondale, Garden City, Mineola on short notice.