We’re a Minority Owned Business that celebrates its founders’ cultural origins. Here’s our back story:

Rajiv Jadhav, our CEO, Co-Founder and one of the R’s that makes up RSquare (R&R) is a native of India. This is why you see part of the Indian flag in the Management graphic above. Similarly, Ruth, our Creative Director/Co-Founder, who makes up the other R of RSquare is a native of Venezuela. This is why you see part of the Venezuelan flag in the Management graphic above. We’re an American company and very proud of that, which is why, you see the American flag in the Management graphic as well. Our Founders came from opposite ends of the globe and set-up shop in New York, this is why the American flag is in the center of the Management graphic above. Its a convergence point. God Bless America!

rajiv jadhav - ceo - rsquare media

Rajiv Jadhav – at age 5. Location: Mumbai, India

Rajiv Jadhav is the Co-Founder/CEO/Sales Director at rsquare media inc. – a New York based Award Winning Online Visibility company helping clients dominate visibility across page 1 of Facebook, Google, YouTube and other platforms – organically, being seen as many as 3-4 times on page 1.  Rajiv has over a decade of experience in problem solving for clients at different stages of their business life cycle in Asia and North America. His Consulting and Advisory work has encompassed Industry Verticals like Entertainment, Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, Professional Services, Healthcare, Wellness, Consumer Packaged Goods, Corporate Initiatives and Loyalty Programs, to name a few.

Rajiv holds Two Masters – One in Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) – Newark, NJ; and, a Masters in Global Marketing Communication & Advertising from Emerson College – Boston, MA. He has an MBA – Marketing from WE School in Mumbai (affiliated with Temple University, PA). He enjoys Travel and Immersing in New Cultures. He’s currently trying to learn a third language (Spanish).

rajiv jadhav - co-founder rsquare media

Rajiv Jadhav, MBA, MS, MA is the Co-Founder/Sales Director at rsquare media – an award winning Online Visibility (SEO, ORM) company based in NYC

Rajiv can be reached on rajiv@rsquare.media | (646) 249-3561



Ruth Alvarez - creative director - rsquare media

Ruth Alvarez, age 5. Location: Maracay, Venezuela

Ruth Alvarez is the Co-Founder/Creative Director at rsquare media inc.

Ruth has over a decade of experience in problem solving for SME clients across The Americas and India. Her initial focus has been on working with Non-Profits in a consultative capacity helping them organize themselves under the appropriate management structure as well as planning operations and logistics. Immediately prior to rsquare media, Ruth worked at Bed Bath & Beyond and was responsible for the creation and maintenance of the general ledger and planning logistics.

Ruth has a Bachelors in Mathematics from Stony Brook University, New York. She also attended Nassau Community College, Uniondale, New York. She is a native spanish speaker and speaks 5 languages including English. She enjoys photography and travel.

Ruth can be reached on team@rsquare.media  | (646) 249-3561

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