“Ding!” Rebecca wants to make a connection with you. 

“Ding!” Loretta has commented on a discussion in your network.

“Ding” Jacob shared your update

These are the type of notifications that will lure you into your phone screen if you want to advance in your professional life. We easily become wrapped up scrolling through social media. Market-research group Nielsen, reports that the average American now spends 11 hours per day interacting with media.  In the fast-paced world of business and professionalism, where opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye, it is important to be aware of the latest media platforms to connect with others.

Social media platforms have revolutionized technology and the use of the internet. If someone is wishing to connect with you professionally, your information is at the tip of their fingers—as simple as a google search of your name. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can speak volumes for your reputation, in a positive or negative way. Potential professional connections don’t care about how cute your dog Spike looks in his holiday sweater, or how you met up with friends for dinner last Friday night.  Linkedin, displays you as a professional— someone to be taken seriously.

So, what is Linkedin?

Linkedin is an online platform used for professional networking. This platform is far from a collection of social media influencers trying to sell their products, as you may find while scrolling through Instagram. Linkedin has grown to be one of the most widely used platforms for connecting individuals in the professional world, as well as those entering the industry. Omnicore Agency reports that 50% of all social traffic to business-to-business(B2B) websites and blogs comes from Linkedin. In comparison to Facebook, ranking in 7% and Twitter at 13% in B2B leads, Linkedin brings in 80%.

Linkedin helps you look your best and connect with others, at any time of any day. Business owners and self employed professionals have enough on their plate. Linkedin, acts as a middleman to compile past education, job experience, and recommendations from past employers.

Building a personal brand, is essential for employers, employees and especially self-employed individuals. According to sales expert, professional, key note speaker and best selling author David J.P. Fisher, in his article in the Journal of Accountancy, “An easy way to think about personal branding is that it’s the convergence of reputation and visibility. Reputation is what people think of you i.e., what you are sharing on your profile. Visibility is making sure that they think of you in the first place.” Building a brand not only makes your presence known, it also establishes credibility, which is essential for dealing with business.

In an interview with Dan Matis, CEO of Accurate Technology, an electronic component sales company, Mr. Matis speaks to how Linkedin is important to establish the company’s credibility, and what he has done do advance his name in the world of electronic components, “If you write a good article you get a lot of people reading it and passing it around. You have an opportunity to build your credibility” Matis says, “If you can write a good article that is educational to people, they love that. One of the big problems we have in the industry is counterfeit parts. So, I wrote a bunch of articles about counterfeiters and how they scam people and different companies. When I did that I got a huge amount of vice presidents and CEOs liking my posts, and they wanted to connect with me. I made myself an authority on the topic.”

Matis continues to speak about how Linkedin is essential to seeking out buyers in the world of sales. “They have something called sales navigator, and you can use that to go out and find clients you are looking to sell to. We want to deal with a specific type of company. I can search by those kinds of companies and once I find them, Linkedin can show me the purchasing agents and buyers. If I was going to some of those companies, I would have to go through the engineer to get to the buyer, but you can find the right people very quickly if you are a member of linkedin.” Matis is not the only CEO eager to use Linkedin as an aid for networking in business. The average CEO on Linkedin has 930 connections. so if you want to network with others, what better place to do it?! 

Antonio Marcel, CEO of PBXstore Inc, describes his recent experience as he is delving into all Linkedin has to offer. “I have posted things for a couple of events that we have participated in, like fairs where we had a booth, and we have made people aware that we were going to be there and to stop by.” Marcel continues to comment on the importance of Linkedin to his company in dealing with others, “One of the good things is how easily you can reach the decision makers; a lot easier than the traditional way which was making phone calls to companies and it was pretty hard to get to the right people. On Linkedin, you can actually reach out, request a connection, and all of a sudden you are connected to somebody that can actually make a decision.”

Rajiv Jadhav, CEO of Rsquare Media reports how Linkedin has grown, and why it is essential to Rsquare Media’s success and services. “LinkedIn was originally conceived to be a platform that allowed job seekers direct access to employers while also allowing users to create an online profile which closely matched their resume. The platform has since evolved to be one of the prominent platforms for professional networking. After it’s recent acquisition by Microsoft, I’ve seen how the native capabilities have evolved like video support, enhanced chat support across both mobile & desktop, while supporting both blogging & microblogging as well as a variety of targeted paid advertising options. Use of LinkedIn is a must have for rsquare media for both branding and business development.”

87 million millennials, the generation whom is now dominating the business world, are on Linkedin, with 11 million in decision-making positions. Over 39 million students and recent graduates are on Linkedin (Omnicore Agency). Recent undergraduates may not be CEO’s just yet, but this is a crucial time to start building your brand. Samantha Doscher, a senior in the undergraduate program at American University, comments on how she has used Linkedin already to help her advance in the field of health promotion. “I’ve definitely gotten work because of my Linkedin. My internship with The Health and Medicine Council of Washington was through Linkedin; they found my profile and contacted me.”

Doscher discussed Linkedin’s role in comparison to other platforms for social networking, “I think for this generation of people coming into the workforce, Linkedin is a good way to keep everybody connected. Facebook is more of a personal platform where Linkedin is very professional.”

            As Doscher has experienced, the recruiting aspect of Linkedin is essential for employers to find candidates that are serious, and the right fit for their company. Marcel speaks to how this aspect is important to growing his own company: “It’s definitely a good place for me to post a job, interact with a person and see what they’re about. You get a little more than just a resume when you interact with a prospective candidate because you can go in to see their posts and get a feeling of who they are as a person.”


        The power of human connection is a force unlike any other. Linkedin makes connecting with others effortless. Establishing yourself as a professional, as a brand, can be a tumultuous sea to navigate. However, building yourself as a brand, is essential in todays industry of increasing dependency on media. Linkedin will create smooth sailing, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

If you want to know more about building your personal brand, contact rsquared media.  Based in Long Island and NYC, Rsquare Media will help your business stay connected, and network to reach its optimal potential. Rsquare Media will remove any negative information that potential connections may see. Just as Linkedin is the ultimate platform for connecting to other professionals, rsquare media is the ultimate guide to make your company succeed. Don’t get lost in the media vortex, and let rsquare media assist you in attaining your goals. You are one free consultation away from a future filled with success. Rsquare Media headquarters are located at 99 Wall St, Ste. 1303, New York NY 10005. The Long Island location address is 626 RXR Plaza, Uniondale New York 11556. Request a phone consultation.  Call now! 646-249-3561

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