Linkedin: Connect with Others, Build a Brand

  “Ding!” Rebecca wants to make a connection with you.  “Ding!” Loretta has commented on a discussion in your network. “Ding” Jacob shared your update These are the type of notifications that will lure you into your phone screen if you want to advance in your professional life. We easily Read more…

in-app purchases m-commerce

The Impatience Economy

We live in a consumerist, Instant Gratification driven world – where an instant response is sought in almost anything we do. According to, this physicological term is defined as “the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay of deferment.” (“The Psychology of Instant Gratification and How It Will Read more…

Snapchat Social media marketing

Snapchat and the Evolution of p2p messaging on Social Media

Creating meaningful connections with target audiences is a huge problem for companies today. Publications and magazines as well as commercials on television simply do not connect consumers with the people behind the brand. Sure, the product may be promoted but how do you offer your audience the complete, behind-the-scenes view Read more…

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